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Plant rescue…

I can’t say this enough… but plants just AMAZE me. A couple of months ago, on our way to the laundromat we saw this chopped up cactus on the side of the road, most of the pieces were brown and dried up but we noticed that there were a few pieces that still had some life in them, so we picked it up! This isn’t the first time we’ve rescued a plant, we found a jade plant on the sidewalk on our way home from a show at the Casbah, the poor thing was ripped out of it’s home and left to die. The jade plant is doing well and recently just started to flower. I knew the jade plant would make it, it looked like somebody JUST pulled it. But this cactus… we had little hope, didn’t see any harm in trying anyway… AND NOW LOOK!!! NEW GROWTH!

wow 2 1 

Crazy right? It looks like it’s a Cereus hildmannianus (Hildmann’s Cereus) which are pretty common around here, but we won’t be able to confirm that until it flowers or gets a little bigger. But seriously though, I’m so impressed by the will of this little cactus. And it’s funny, I think we’ve found our calling – Plant Rescuers!

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Happy place – City Farmer’s Nursery & Nate’s Garden Grill

There’s a local nursery in City Heights called City Farmer’s Nursery and in the same parking lot there’s a cute little restaurant called Nate’s Garden Grill. I love this place so much!  The grill has a great local craft beer selection and all of their menu items are farm fresh. It makes for a really nice outing… perusing the nursery and admiring all of the plants after a beer and yummy good food. It’s what heaven must be like.

2 1  6

^^ pulled pork hash. so good. ^^

5 4

^^they have a really great selection of California natives! ^^


^^ the giant scary looking turkey that loves to show off ^^


It’s such a happy place. The owner lives on site and basically turned his property into a self-sustaining little village… it’s amazing!

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Propagating (a.k.a. plants making babies)



I mentioned in my other post that I’m starting to propagate our plants. So at the beginning of this month I decided to try it on my echeveria. It takes a long time but it’s really neat to watch! The second photo was taken 3 weeks after the top photo.  You can see a little teeny tiny plant beginning to grow! oooooh!

Here is a great post with pretty pictures on how to propagate: Needles and Leaves

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365 photos…

At the start of this year I made a goal for myself for 2014 – for everyday of the year I have to take a different photo (on that day.) Here are a few that I’ve taken so far:

543354a48   7074

The point of this challenge is to practice my photography and the end result will be a huge collection of photos from everyday of this year… it’s a win-win!

It was at first difficult to remember to take a photo, and to squeeze in a good picture either right before work or after work while the sun is out. I even had to set a daily reminder, but now it’s become part of my routine.

Anyway, please check out my photo blog and follow along! http://crystal-everyday-2014.tumblr.com/

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House update…

Our house…It’s been more than 2 years now. That went by quick! A lot of progress has been made towards our front yard, well especially since Chris and I at one point bought a new plant every week for a few months. The front yard is quickly filling up with our plant babies. It’s so gratifying to watch! We’re also starting to propagate our plants to make MORE plants.. what?!?!! Plants are so cool.


That dr. suess looking tree (Euphorbia lambii) only had 1 of those leafy heads when we bought it, now it has 5 big ones and there’s a couple baby ones! So cool! It’s going to have a killer silhouette once it’s bigger.

IMG_2952 IMG_2953

These aeoniums are the toughest little plants! These ones were all tiny and shriveled up when we got them from a friend… now look at them!


this lavender grew 10 times it’s size since we planted it. this was one of the first plants we planted!

IMG_2970 IMG_2968

Yes, you grow bougainvillea! The photo below is the boug when we first planted it you can’t really tell in the photo, but it was tiny… now it’s nicely trailing up the house! I love it!



I can’t wait until this wall is fully covered by this plant (amazon sunset, parrot’s beak) it has really pretty orange flowers that hummingbirds love.


This guy is still a baby… a scary spiky baby. But isn’t he so cool!? I love the grey. Do a google search for pachypodium geayi and you’ll see what he’ll grow up to be… do it!


This is Chris’ dragon tree. We can’t wait ’till this guy gets bigger, it seems like it’s taking forever but the growth is there, we’ve noticed a few more leaves and that the trunk has gotten a little thicker.


Those were a few of our other plants… and there are more of them, so MUCH more… Sometimes we like to go outside and just look at them all. Are you as crazy as we are about plants?


family photoshoot

75  8 IMG_5815 IMG_5816 IMG_5826

This family is so funny, they’re very theatrical…  My brother from another mother, Greg, texted me one day saying that he had an idea for a family photoshoot (zombies, super powers, and sonic booms) and asked me to photograph them. It was fun! We have to start brainstorming ideas for their next family photos… something to top this one.. pirates? ninjas? privates vs ninjas?!

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Hi again!

Wow, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted, and I’ve thought about it for quite sometime, and STILL I didn’t update. I’m a terrible person, now I feel guilty… guilty with myself. Okay, now I’m over it. Anyway, let’s see, it’s been almost a whole year since my last post… my bad.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s happened since then…


I ran my first full marathon! It was crazy. Training was intense and demanding.  The race was last year in May at Boise, Idaho and right before the finish line I totally puked, like a totally epic waterfall coming out of my face puke… (it was only water and gu that I threw up, so don’t get so grossed out.) Anyway, it was definitely a memorable race. Right after the race, I told myself that I would never sign up for another marathon, but I think I can do another one. It was a really great experience (besides the puking.)


June 2013 – I started interning for Pow Wow!! This is a big deal for me. Finally, I’ve found a place where I can satisfy my crafting itches. It’s been so great working with these girls, they’re so creative and passionate, so inspiring. I’ve been having so much fun and it’s worked out so well that they want me to be their in-house wedding coordinator! Super excited!!


The usual Saturday or Sunday morning with the SD Gooners… start the day at bluefoot and then end up at the nursery. It’s my ideal weekend…


Embracing the auntie-ness. It’s awesome actually. These 3 stooges are so funny together. The younger sister is having a 2nd so I’m just here, collecting nieces and nephews and loving them to pieces! They’re so cute!


September 2013 – Half-marathon in Philadelphia! This trip was amazing!!! The city was beautiful and the pretzels… THE PRETZELS!! You like the sign that my sister’s from another mother made me? They’re so awesome.

I’m glad to be back guys! See you next year. Hah!