Puerto Rico // Jardines El Batey

Earlier this month I took a trip to Puerto Rico to visit my sister and her family there. This trip was so inspiring to say the least. I’ll be sure to post more photos of my trip but I wanted to share these first. My mom and I love plants, so on our third day on the island we attempted to go to the botanical garden. We tried, it rained and it was windy… FYI, you do NOT want to be next to tall bamboo when it’s windy, it’s terrifying. Anyway my point is, we drove to the botanical garden and didn’t go BUT on the way there I spotted this little gem! Jardines El Batey! It was the cutest nursery with the sweetest little old lady working there.



^^these are what caught my eye… Can I bring them home with me? Please? ^^







It’s always a treat to visit nurseries when I’m traveling. I also call it torture because I’d want to take everything home with me. So I settled on the next best thing, I bought plants for my sister and her family!  Hooray!

It’s a huge dream of mine to own a little nursery just like this… sigh… how awesome would that be?

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Flower Party

Having wine and pizza, and making flower crowns with a group of awesome girls? Sign me up please! My amazing friend Kat thought up a great idea of throwing a flower party where she would provide flowers and teach the basics about floral arrangements, she wanted to see if it’s something she would want to offer on her website – Lula Mae


^^ Kat picked out the most beautiful flowers for us to play with! ^^

photo (29)

^^ She explained the basics of floral arrangements. “Think of it as putting together an outfit!” ^^


I think  that the test run was very much a success! I hope to attend more flower parties in the future! If you’re in the San Diego area and are interested in having a flower party or if you just need some gorgeous flowers check out Kat’s website – Lula Mae

Have a beautiful day!

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Around the house…






Some shots around the house on a very slow lazy and gloomy Saturday. These type of mornings are the best sometimes. The last 3 days this week were super chaotic and stressful so I’m really enjoying myself right now. Also, Chris just came home with the coolest green planter from a garage sale… I’m so excited about it, it gives me an excuse to find a new plant for it. I love shopping for plants, it’s what I live for these days. hah. Hope you all have a relaxing weekend!


Case of the Januarys.

shepard sky

Now that the holidays have come and gone and it’s January again… crazy right? And no work days off until President’s day… eek! I suppose I can take this time to reflect on my accomplishments from last year and jot down what my goals will be for this upcoming year.

Just a few highlights from last year: Chris and I moved into our house, we adopted Max our dog, I finally went to NYC, I turned 30, and I got a personal record during the Tucson half! I have high hopes for this year, other than the usual plan to improve my finances and live a happy life, I basically just want to dig more into my creative soul and see where that takes me, also to venture into the world of self marketing/small business and run a full marathon. Oy! I’m always so ambitious at the beginning of the year… if only I can be like this on Mondays.

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Psst, it’s holiday season!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Now that turkey day has officially past, I’m giving myself the green light to start decorating the house for Christmas. But I’m not about to go out and stock up on a bunch of new holiday decor, mainly because, well, I just don’t have the budget for that and more importantly it’s just not as personal… I’d rather slowly accumulate things as the years go by, like an ornament here and there, and I love crafting during the holidays!! I mean c’mon, who doesn’t?  Also, in addition to not purchasing any new decor (except for the pinecones, they were only $5 for a dozen! and they smell so good.) I’ve made the commitment to make ALL of my Christmas gifts this year. Yep, all of them.

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Recently on instagram…

1. Enjoying the start of San Diego Beer Week

2. Just what our guts need: beer cheese burgers and beer battered french fries. More of our little SD Beer Week celebration, with what we think is the best burger in town. (O’brien’s Pub)

3. We took a nice stroll through the Desert Garden in Balboa Park.

4. Silver Strand half marathon… I agreed to do this last minute.

5. Amazing french macarons that I got Chris (and mainly myself..heheh) for our 2 year anniversary… from Triple Cream Bakery. I’ll be ordering more of these little bites of heaven very soon.