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Hi again!

Wow, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted, and I’ve thought about it for quite sometime, and STILL I didn’t update. I’m a terrible person, now I feel guilty… guilty with myself. Okay, now I’m over it. Anyway, let’s see, it’s been almost a whole year since my last post… my bad.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s happened since then…


I ran my first full marathon! It was crazy. Training was intense and demanding. ┬áThe race was last year in May at Boise, Idaho and right before the finish line I totally puked, like a totally epic waterfall coming out of my face puke… (it was only water and gu that I threw up, so don’t get so grossed out.) Anyway, it was definitely a memorable race. Right after the race, I told myself that I would never sign up for another marathon, but I think I can do another one. It was a really great experience (besides the puking.)


June 2013 – I started interning for Pow Wow!! This is a big deal for me. Finally, I’ve found a place where I can satisfy my crafting itches. It’s been so great working with these girls, they’re so creative and passionate, so inspiring. I’ve been having so much fun and it’s worked out so well that they want me to be their in-house wedding coordinator! Super excited!!


The usual Saturday or Sunday morning with the SD Gooners… start the day at bluefoot and then end up at the nursery. It’s my ideal weekend…


Embracing the auntie-ness. It’s awesome actually. These 3 stooges are so funny together. The younger sister is having a 2nd so I’m just here, collecting nieces and nephews and loving them to pieces! They’re so cute!


September 2013 – Half-marathon in Philadelphia! This trip was amazing!!! The city was beautiful and the pretzels… THE PRETZELS!! You like the sign that my sister’s from another mother made me? They’re so awesome.

I’m glad to be back guys! See you next year. Hah!