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Plant rescue…

I can’t say this enough… but plants just AMAZE me. A couple of months ago, on our way to the laundromat we saw this chopped up cactus on the side of the road, most of the pieces were brown and dried up but we noticed that there were a few pieces that still had some life in them, so we picked it up! This isn’t the first time we’ve rescued a plant, we found a jade plant on the sidewalk on our way home from a show at the Casbah, the poor thing was ripped out of it’s home and left to die. The jade plant is doing well and recently just started to flower. I knew the jade plant would make it, it looked like somebody JUST pulled it. But this cactus… we had little hope, didn’t see any harm in trying anyway… AND NOW LOOK!!! NEW GROWTH!

wow 2 1 

Crazy right? It looks like it’s a Cereus hildmannianus (Hildmann’s Cereus) which are pretty common around here, but we won’t be able to confirm that until it flowers or gets a little bigger. But seriously though, I’m so impressed by the will of this little cactus. And it’s funny, I think we’ve found our calling – Plant Rescuers!