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SW Road trip.. the Grand Canyon

Have you ever seen something so fantastic that it almost brought tears to your eyes? That was the Grand Canyon for me. We made the trek from Santa Fe to Grand Canyon National Park and thank goodness, made our way towards lower elevation… I learned (the hard way) that I’m extremely sensitive to altitude. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon nor have I ever even seen it from the sky, so really, I didn’t know what to expect… I obviously knew how huge it was but on our way there I was wondering if we’d be able to see it from miles away. We entered the south entrance of the national park and still the canyon was no where to be seen. After we quickly check in to our campsite and pitch our tent, we hop back into the car to the view point. We drive towards it and oh my goodness, there it was.

You look at something like the Grand Canyon and it just makes you feel so tiny and at the same time so gracious to be able to witness such an amazing natural wonder. It’s crazy, I really did almost cry. We didn’t hike to the bottom this time around but we will definitely next time we visit, we really just walked up and down the trail along the edge of the canyon. My favorite part was eating an ice cream while looking at the Grand Canyon, now that’s something everybody needs to do at least once in life.

IMG_4020 IMG_4021 IMG_4053 IMG_4060 IMG_4071 IMG_4073 IMG_4078 IMG_4084 IMG_4088 IMG_4093 IMG_4097 IMG_4105 IMG_4112

Drinking beer, bird watching, walks, talks and hot dogs, it’s the good life! It was a nice break during our road trip to camp for a couple of days and prepare ourselves for the final shenanigans in Phoenix.

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SW Roatrip… Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, NM. The second destination of our southwestern road trip. Santa Fe is everything you think Santa Fe would look like. It’s pretty incredible, again with the super blue sky and the amazing old architecture.. everything was so picturesque. I really loved it here, except for the high altitude, that really kicked my butt to the max once we arrived… man, it was bad.

IMG_3967 IMG_3968 IMG_3970 IMG_3974 IMG_3979 IMG_3980 IMG_3981

Can you believe how blue the Santa Fe sky is?


On top of the hill on Paseo de la Loma


Santa Fe, you made me sick, but that won’t keep me away from you, you’re too gorgeous.

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Border X Brewery

This past weekend we visited Border X Brewery’s 2nd location in Barrio Logan. Their new location is truly an amazing space with years and years of history within it’s walls.  The space was built in 1923 in the Mission Revival Style as the San Diego Trust and Commerce Bank. In 1927, the bank of Italy took over San Diego Trust and Commerce Bank which was later reorganized as the Bank of America in 1931, serving the area until 1948. The property became a Porkyland Tortilla factory in 1977 then to become a Roberto’s Taco Shop and now a brewery. (bank < brewery!!!)


^^they were all really good. but my favorite was the abuelitas chocolate stout.^^


^^tacos and beer. life is good. ^^

3 4


So, we’re super excited that a brewery has opened up near our neighborhood. There’s so many amazing old buildings and houses around these parts, nothing makes me happier to see them revived and given a new life. And now, I feel like a complete fool, I forgot to take a photo of the building from the outside, duh! You’ll just have to go there for yourself. It’s the big orange building on the corner of Logan and Sampson.


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Happy place – City Farmer’s Nursery & Nate’s Garden Grill

There’s a local nursery in City Heights called City Farmer’s Nursery and in the same parking lot there’s a cute little restaurant called Nate’s Garden Grill. I love this place so much!  The grill has a great local craft beer selection and all of their menu items are farm fresh. It makes for a really nice outing… perusing the nursery and admiring all of the plants after a beer and yummy good food. It’s what heaven must be like.

2 1  6

^^ pulled pork hash. so good. ^^

5 4

^^they have a really great selection of California natives! ^^


^^ the giant scary looking turkey that loves to show off ^^


It’s such a happy place. The owner lives on site and basically turned his property into a self-sustaining little village… it’s amazing!