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Flower Party

Having wine and pizza, and making flower crowns with a group of awesome girls? Sign me up please! My amazing friend Kat thought up a great idea of throwing a flower party where she would provide flowers and teach the basics about floral arrangements, she wanted to see if it’s something she would want to offer on her website – Lula Mae


^^ Kat picked out the most beautiful flowers for us to play with! ^^

photo (29)

^^ She explained the basics of floral arrangements. “Think of it as putting together an outfit!” ^^


I think  that the test run was very much a success! I hope to attend more flower parties in the future! If you’re in the San Diego area and are interested in having a flower party or if you just need some gorgeous flowers check out Kat’s website – Lula Mae

Have a beautiful day!

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I’m debating whether or not I want to paint the fireplace white to match the rest of the built-in cabinets. All I know for sure is that I don’t like the current color. It’s just such a pain having to prepare everything for painting. Hmmm.. what to do, what to do?

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Psst, it’s holiday season!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Now that turkey day has officially past, I’m giving myself the green light to start decorating the house for Christmas. But I’m not about to go out and stock up on a bunch of new holiday decor, mainly because, well, I just don’t have the budget for that and more importantly it’s just not as personal… I’d rather slowly accumulate things as the years go by, like an ornament here and there, and I love crafting during the holidays!! I mean c’mon, who doesn’t?  Also, in addition to not purchasing any new decor (except for the pinecones, they were only $5 for a dozen! and they smell so good.) I’ve made the commitment to make ALL of my Christmas gifts this year. Yep, all of them.

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Goal update: 50 DIY Projects/Crafts…

I challenged myself to this goal at the beginning of the year to keep myself creative and busy! Here’s what I’ve done so far!

-Curtains… after WEEKS of working on these curtains I can finally say they’re complete! I did the curtains for the bedroom and the living room, and I have to say that my sewing skills have improved dramatically! I did a simple flat curtain to hang from clips and I completed a total of 8 panels! 6 of which I had to do twice because my measurements were off… I wasn’t too happy about that.

-Terrariums… I’ve made a few of these because I’m obsessed with them.  I’ll come up with simple DIY instructions in the very near future in case you’d like to make one yourself, they’re super fun and easy!

-Necklace Hanger..  I know I wanted to use some sort of antlers to hang my necklaces from. I saw this project on one of the blogs that I follow regularly, A Beautiful Mess.. it’s a really easy project that I completed in less than 30 minutes. You can find the instructions here. I’m very happy with mine!

-Plants… this past Saturday I planted heartleafed ice plants (aptenia cordifolia) in front of our brick wall. My mom supplied me with cuttings from her yard. So far they look pretty good! They should be rooting in 2 weeks. Yeay!

And I know you must be thinking that 50 projects are a lot… it sure is.


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Welcome friends!

Hello everybody, this is officially my first post on the SugarCube Blog.  Rather than introducing myself, (you can read a little about me in my “About Crystal” section) I’ll share a few of my upcoming projects and events that I have coming up in the near future! I’m going to first start off with a few of my goals for the year…

  • Learn to sew.
  • Create a business name and logo.
  • Set up my creativity/crafting room.
  • Create at least 50 DIY projects/crafts within the year.
  • Learn how to cook at least one Filipino dish each month. (I’d like to be as good of a cook as my mom someday!)
  • Start up a shop on Etsy.
  • Create a business card/thank you card.
  • Paint more. (this I can easily incorporate into the 50 challenge)

So far that’s what I have, and I’ll be adding to this as the year goes on.  I’m also happy to mention that I’ve already accomplished 2 of these goals: sewing and say hello to “SugarCube!”

Another thing to look forward to for the future of this blog is witnessing the boyfriend and I transform this cute little house on Cottonwood St from a house to a home!  He had recently purchased a great little craftsman bungalow and although the house has come a long (LONG) way from the condition that it was in before, it still does need some work and personalization.  We’re scheduled to start moving early February.

So here it is:


Isn’t it just ADORABLE?! I love it. We’re both so very excited!

I plan to share how we decide to decorate, paint, plant, install, and whatever else this house needs and I’ll also be sharing with you the progress of my goals… thank you so much for reading and check back soon.