Puerto Rico // Jardines El Batey

Earlier this month I took a trip to Puerto Rico to visit my sister and her family there. This trip was so inspiring to say the least. I’ll be sure to post more photos of my trip but I wanted to share these first. My mom and I love plants, so on our third day on the island we attempted to go to the botanical garden. We tried, it rained and it was windy… FYI, you do NOT want to be next to tall bamboo when it’s windy, it’s terrifying. Anyway my point is, we drove to the botanical garden and didn’t go BUT on the way there I spotted this little gem! Jardines El Batey! It was the cutest nursery with the sweetest little old lady working there.



^^these are what caught my eye… Can I bring them home with me? Please? ^^







It’s always a treat to visit nurseries when I’m traveling. I also call it torture because I’d want to take everything home with me. So I settled on the next best thing, I bought plants for my sister and her family!  Hooray!

It’s a huge dream of mine to own a little nursery just like this… sigh… how awesome would that be?


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