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Not recently, more like Instagrams from the past several weeks…

1. I finally potted the heart leaf philodendron cuttings my mom gave me. They’ve grown a little since I took this picture. I can’t wait until they get all viney and take up the whole house! 2. My new bolivian jew to replace the wandering jew that I killed (somewhat purposely)… I call this one my plant ball. It’s so cute right? Side thought: what weird names for plants! 3. Playing with clay. I’ve never mastered this medium… and it’s going to take me a while until I do, if I ever. I made a few cool geometric shapes with fimo clay, that stuff is pretty awesome! 4. Casual and rainy Friday. I’m glad I’m finally wearing these shoes more often. 5. Waiting in the hallway for sewing class to begin. I signed up for a free continuing ed course called fundamentals of sewing. It’s so great, the continuing ed programs in San Diego offer a bunch of free courses… totally going to take advantage of this! 6. Last weekend in Indian Cove Campgrounds, which is part of Joshua Tree National Park, but there wasn’t a single joshua tree in our campgrounds… what a rip off!

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by!


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