Case of the Januarys.

shepard sky

Now that the holidays have come and gone and it’s January again… crazy right? And no work days off until President’s day… eek! I suppose I can take this time to reflect on my accomplishments from last year and jot down what my goals will be for this upcoming year.

Just a few highlights from last year: Chris and I moved into our house, we adopted Max our dog, I finally went to NYC, I turned 30, and I got a personal record during the Tucson half! I have high hopes for this year, other than the usual plan to improve my finances and live a happy life, I basically just want to dig more into my creative soul and see where that takes me, also to venture into the world of self marketing/small business and run a full marathon. Oy! I’m always so ambitious at the beginning of the year… if only I can be like this on Mondays.


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