The most successful people in the world are successful because of “to-do” lists…

At least I think so! As much as I was worried about how bored I’ll be while my other half was out of town and being without cable for the first time in months, these couple of days were as productive and relaxing as I hoped it would be and I know I would’ve just been a miserable lonely lady if I hadn’t made my little list of to-do’s! Not only did I accomplish nearly everything on my list, I did a little extra too! I love making lists, not only do you feel like you have more direction, it feels so amazingly gratifying when you cross things off. I make daily lists for work and home, I also make “Ultimate Year” lists with Chris which would include places to go, things to do, and personal goals. It’s a great way to stay motivated and support each other. We’ve crossed a lot off of our 2012 list so far! If you’re not a list maker, there are a ton of  list templates on-line that will help you organize your daily tasks and in turn you won’t feel so overwhelmed! Or in my case… underwhelmed!

Here’s a cute little list template that I found on Pinterest:

Cute right? My favorite thing about this list, is the hydration reminder and dailies section. You can find the list here. Personally, I just like to use little index cards, but I think I’ll give this nifty list a try sometime.

Anyway, back to my weekend… Here was on my list:

  • Post on blog.  A little late but I can go ahead and check this post off…
  • Read I finally re-started “The Art of Racing in the Rain”… this will be a nice read with Max.
  • Order prints for picture frames I had these awesome vintage-y gold ornate frames but with no pictures in them! Finally printed out some pictures from our trips to Chicago and San Francisco.
  • Silk flowers for bathroom I’m still on the hunt for these… I’m not too big of a fan of silk flowers but I think they will add a nice touch to the bathroom.
  • Give Max a bath This wasn’t too bad.. we both ended up soaked. Corgis are hard to bathe! They really are waterproof!
  • Clean kitchen rugs Probably the least fun off of my list so no surprise I didn’t get this done. Hmph.. I will soon.
  • Start working on art for bathoom Used some scrap wood from our cabinets! Made a little simple piece for the bathroom.

  • Replant succulents I’ve never replanted anything before.. it wasn’t as hard as I thought and I think it turned out well! The original plants didn’t make it because I think I over-watered them, plus I recently learned that you shouldn’t allow the leaves to accumulate water. So I’ll stop using my spray bottle and start siphoning water with a straw and watering it that way. Hopefully these guys will last longer!

  • Organize dining room shelves Done and done.
  • Vacuum Done, but it’s covered with corgi hair already.
  • Donate clothes Ahh, I’ve been putting this off for too long. I’ve picked up more of my old clothes from my mom’s place. Now I just need to haul them down to Buffalo Exchange one of these days.
Aside from my list I had only two commitments this weekend.. that was to run a 10k Saturday morning and take Max to the vet. I also strayed from my list and pruned my roses, had a little training session with Max and poop scooped.. yay for me.
I was able to spend a lot of quality time with Max, and now that we’ve had him for a little longer than a week he’s opened up to us a lot more. His little bursts of energy are hilarious and he actually does like to play fetch! (According to his last owner, Max didn’t do fetch.) So now it’s Tuesday, the beginning of another week… time to conquer the world one to-do list at a time.

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