Introducing… Sir Maxwell McCorgi!

Hello everyone! We had such a great weekend! We adopted a 7 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Max (I added the rest!) this little guy has been through a lot these few months… I’ve been looking around for a rescue dog on PetFinder. And I came across Max’s profile. I see that he is an older adult, which would be perfect since both the boyfriend and I wouldn’t able to commit the time and energy into raising a puppy. So I call the shelter and to my surprise, he was still available, he was there for nearly 3 weeks! šŸ˜¦ So the next day we take the drive to East County San Diego and arrive at the shelter right before they open at 10am. AndĀ amongĀ the loud jumping and barking dogs there he was sitting quietly in kennel #53. We find out that Max had to be relinquished after being found off of the streets. He apparently got away from his owner who was staying in a hotel because he had lost his home. His owner was contacted and he had to make that difficult decision to give up his pet of 7 years. His birthday is May 2, 2005 (my little sister’s birthday is also on May 2nd! How perfect is that??) He is a “mature adult” but that didn’t matter because he needed a home just as much as any younger dog. So after the approval from my boyfriend (I didn’t have to try too hard!) We filled out some paperwork and he was ours! By the way, the El Cajon Animal Shelter is so great! They hooked us up with a collar, harness, dog bowl, a big bag of treats and other goodies! They really made this whole adoption process super easy.Ā He did really well on the car ride home and was so pleasant his first day.

Right now his favorite hobbies are napping and getting his belly rubbed. He’ll have little spurts of energy from time to time and yesterday he was chasing around the boyfriend trying to herd him! I’d love to take him to herd some sheep one of these days. His fur was a little rough but after a couple of days of brushing and lots of petting, his coat is soft and shiny! So far he’s really made himself quite comfortable, I’ve held off on taking him to any parks until he’s been completely acclimated to us and the change of environment. But he’s doing really well, we’ve left him alone for a couple of hours this weekend and no destruction or accidents whatsoever (knock on wood!) Apparently he doesn’t do well with other dogs but hopefully we’ll be able to help him with that. He was raised on a farm with chickens, cats, children and small cats. Our large backyard will be perfect for him! He could chase away all of the alley cats that get into our garbage.

Today is the first day that Max will be home by himself while the boyfriend and I are at work. I do feel a little bad that he has to be alone this whole time so I’m doing Ā research on Ā puzzle toys that will keep him pre-occupied (if you have any suggestions please let me know!) I do admit, I’m having a little bit of separation anxiety!

We’re both so happy to have him and I think we found the perfect addition to our home and family. I look at him now and he just seems so appreciative to be finally be back in a warm loving environment. Max truly deserves it.


2 thoughts on “Introducing… Sir Maxwell McCorgi!

  1. Yes! I do have some puzzle toy recommendations. I was JUST about to post in my next blog (same schedule AGAIN. Sheesh, talk about for reals wifey status). I’ll post soon for you.

    • Yes please! I’ve been doing research and was at Petsmart earlier but I don’t want to cough up any dough until I get your seal of approval! Oh my goodness and this dog has soooooooo much fur! I’ve already spent hours combing out his undercoat but it’s still never ending fur. I guess it’s something I gotta get used to! šŸ™‚

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