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I live for…

Aren’t these vertical gardens just amazing?  I’ve always loved creative and new ways to display plants.  Anyway, on my search to find decor for the new house I visited the website for one of my favorite stores in North Park, San Diego… Pigment and came across Woolly Pockets!

Absolutely gorgeous right? I’m in LOVE with these! The pockets are made from 100% recycled materials and you can even have an automatic watering system! I think we’ll definitely have a living wall in our living room, how appropriate!


2 thoughts on “I live for…

  1. I like the 2nd one on the top right, the mossy-type picture frame. Green always looks so good and refreshing. A self-watering system?! That is sooo awesome.

    Are you on Pinterest yet? If not, it’s definitely up your alley. Super visual. I can invite you if you aren’t.

    • I agree… I love green! Anyway, YES I am on Pinterest. I saw that you were on Pinterest too but I couldn’t find you! Actually, now I did… lol. I am now officially following you on Pinterest. 😉

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