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I love the hunt…

I saw this gorgeous vintage GE fan on Pinterest the other day (via Swell and Stylish) and soon after I fell madly in love with it when I saw the same exact fan in person at this great Mid-Century Furniture Store Atomic Bazaar. I quickly checked the price tag and was smacked back into reality.. WOW it was expensive! Oh well, may the hunt begin!

Speaking of hunting… the boyfriend and I went on another furniture hunt yesterday and it was a success! He actually found a great set of mid-century chairs along with a matching side table on Craigslist, with FREE… yes FREE delivery! Later on that day we checked out Atomic Bazaar, great furniture and amazing accent pieces, but a little (A LOT) out of our price range… maybe when we hit the lottery jackpot. Then we went to this great consignment furniture store… it’s definitely a new obsession. Lot’s of great finds! I was able to leave with a great danish 2-tier table and a vintage barrel back chair… both for less than $85! I saw the same exact table (and I’m sure way less quality) at the Urban Outfitter’s website ON SALE for $89… Booyah. Me ecstatic? YES! So we now have a total of 4 chairs, and no couch! Here they are (the chairs at least and Chris has always had that amazing lamp on the right, and whats even better… there’s 2 of them!)

Other than the great furniture finds, yesterday was such a fantastic day:

-Our favorite soccer team Arsenal won 7-1 yesterday

-We were able to get rid of our horrible peeling couches thanks to Craigslist!

-It was 72 degrees and sunny.

-We had yummy Mexican food from one of our NEW favorite taco shops (Tacos El Paisa)

And it seems like today is off to a great start too:

-I woke up to the alarm thinking it was Monday, but it was actually Sunday. Yes!

Have a good day all!  🙂


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